Why EvolPol?

I’m writing this blog to help voters focus on what’s really going on in the world around you instead of what others want you to focus on.  This info is NOT for those who are so sure the other side is wrong that they won’t try to discuss an issue, but it IS for you if you are willing to explore ideas and evolve your thinking about issues we face as Americans in the 21st Century.

Too be clear, I am not a politician, nor do I have any desire to run for office.  But I am an Evolutionary Human Being and I do want America to survive its current polarization.

We are at a point where there are so many progressives who are tired of the arguments and are choosing to drop out of the system that they are staying away from the polls in droves and not voting.  At the same time, we have a culture of folks who have been fed lies and brainwashed until they are so fired up they can’t wait to get out there and vote.

So now we get people in high office in the government who don’t believe in science and who are put in charge of science committees in Congress.  We have people who are more interested in their own fame and fortune than they are in the good of the country as a whole.

And the worst thing is that we have the best politicians that money can buy!

On these pages you will be reading my personal views, not part of any organization or group.  I feel called to present ideas in the hope that people will find this blog and start conversations (civilized, please) with others about issues that affect us all.

A democracy demands an educated electorate but we need to work at finding the facts today.   Pay attention.  Triangulate your info by checking different sources.  Check what the BBC and other countries are saying.  Go directly to a source, not just what you hear on the news, and read original documents.

I think we are seeing a political system that is based on a minority that has been living in the Fox News bubble for too long.  I am trained in hypnotherapy and I have to admit to their brilliance in brainwashing at Fox.  However, I also believe that the Laws of Karma do work and that intentionally lying to people and manipulating them to vote against their own best interest will bring consequences eventually.

Meanwhile, I promise to post on topics that could rile me up emotionally, and sometimes do, but I try to rise above the emotions and look at what’s REALLY going on.  Sometimes, when I can’t make sense of the facts or of what I am hearing, I have to look for a wild possibility and that is often where the answer lies.

We are experiencing America’s Copernicus Moment.  I hope we grow.


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